Elvin Bishop

Member of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame & Blues Hall of Fame

ToneQuest Report: “Hangin’ With Elvin” exclusive interview!

ToneQuest Report

September interview in the ToneQuest Report, which Elvin believes to be “the best interview that has ever been published on his life and career.” Download the interview in PDF format here.

“I been in the blues all my life. I’m still delivering ‘cause I got a long memory.” -E.B.


  • How a green kid from Tulsa boarded a bus for Chicago with a small handful of chords and wound up in one of the greatest blues bands of all time…
  • Elvin on Chicago, the NewYork jams, Newport, Monterey, the Fillmore & more
  • Solving the great humbucking conundrum…
  • Ron Ellis and Lee Roy Parnell on the development of the ‘LRP’ humbuckers
  • The LRP Review
  • Unleashing ‘Red Dawg’: We discover another $400 masterpiece… The Epiphone ‘Red Dawg’ ES335 Cherry Dot optimized with Slider’s humbuckers
  • Kent Armstrong Vintage ‘57 humbuckers

Download the full interview in PDF format here.

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